I was appointed General Manager for Grimstad bys museer in 2007. I was born at Hamar, but moved to Norway's south coast over 25 years ago.

As General Manager, I am responsible for the administrative as well as the academic aspects of the museum. If I am very lucky, I also get to meet the public. This is the most inspiring part of the job, and my main reason for taking on this position.

I have studied literature, art history and languages. In addition, I have a Master's Degree in Cultural Management. My other qualifications are Project Management and Board Competence.  I have 12 years' experience from the Agder University, where I worked with supplementary and further education.

When I am not working, I am an avid consumer of culture. I try to fit in as much as theatre, films, music and literature as possible. This is also ideal for my work - I get inspired, fascinated and touched, and ponder over the effect art has on people.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions.

Telephone: +47 93 03 21 29
E-mail: anita.estensen [at] aama.no


I have been the Head of Communications at Grimstad bys museer since 2010, and was also appointed Project Manager for the establishment of Aust-Agder Maritime Museum in 2013.

As Head of Communications for the museum foundation, it is my responsibility to ensure contact and arrange meetings with the general public at every level. I am also in charge of summer guides and the development of new dissemination opportunities. In addition I am the Head of the Ibsen Museum, and responsible for the website.

I hold a Foundation Degree in Nordic Language and Literature, and a Master’s Degree in Cultural Heritage Management. Former positions in communications include the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum, the Egge Museum, the Nidaros Cathedral and Stiklestad National Cultural Heritage Centre.

All my savings are spent travelling, and I love exploring new destinations and cultures!

Theatre performances have always been part of my life. I enjoy storytelling, and my passion is improvisational theatre. My favourite aspect of this job is the opportunity to combine theatre and museum in interaction with the public.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions.

Telephone: +47 45 00 26 44
E-mail: therese.strupstad.hagen [at] aama.no


I am currently employed at Grimstad bys museer, but was the General Manager of the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture from 2001 until the merger with Grimstad bys museer in 2010.

I am Head of the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture, in charge of the museum shops and Event Manager for Grimstad bys museer, and I am also in charge of guided tours in the park at Dømmesmoen and school visits.

My specialist fields are the history of Norwegian horticultural colleges and pharmaceutical history.

If I have to pick any location as my favourite, it has to be Dømmesmoen.  Ever since I was student at the in the 1980s, Dømmesmoen has been my favourite walking area, and when I have visitors this is the first place I show them. I have been lucky enough to have Dømmesmoen as my place of work for over 10 years, and I always find the flora in the park exciting.

My home is at Skiftenes in Grimstad, and I have been running a farm with bees and sheep since the early 1980s.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions.

Telephone: +47 45 21 25 51
E-mail: vivian.stolen [at] aama.no



I have worked as Senior Academic for Grimstad bys museer since 2008. I am originally from Telemark, but have lived in Bergen for many years.

As the museum foundation's Senior Academic, I am responsible for its collections and buildings and I am involved in documentation relating to areas covered by the museum. I am also the Head of the Maritime Museum in Hasseldalen.

My studies include a minor in General and Nordic Literary Science, and a major in Cultural Science from the University of Bergen. In my dissertation, I covered Rikard Berge and his work on storytellers and legends.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions.

Telefphone: +47 95 76 80 74 
E-mail: olav.haugsevje [at] aama.no