Explore Hamsun on your own

Grimstad has several areas of interest linked to Knut Hamsun (1859-1952). Many can be explored without guide, and below is a list describing the locations and where they can be found.

Grimstad Library, Storgaten 44 – the court room where the trial against Knut Hamsun took place on 16 December 1947. Decorations on the walls have been preserved. Today, this is a children's library and can be visited during the library opening hours.

Bust of Hamsun, Knut Hamsuns plass (Storgaten 44) – outside the library is a bust of KH made by Roald Olsson. The bust is a gift from his grandchild, Anne Marie Thurmann-Moe, and was unveiled in the Hamsun Year 2009.
Victoria statue, Bietorvet, Storgaten 15 – the statue is made by Nina Sundbye, and is inspired by the main character in Knut Hamsun's novel "Victoria" (1898).

I Storgaten i Grimstad henger 'Hamsuns postkasse'. Postkassen skildres i Hamsuns roman.'Paa gjengrodde stier'.
"Hamsuns postkasse" i Storgaten i Grimstad skildres i Hamsuns roman "Paa gjengrodde stier". Foto: Simen Samuelsen.

The postbox, Storgaten 23 – described in "On Overgrown Paths". See Hamsun's footpaths: Brevkortet (the Postcard)

Hamsun’s footpaths: "Brevkortet" (the Postcard) - from old Grimstad hospital (Frivoldveien 24) to the postbox in Storgaten – in his book "On Overgrown Paths" (1949), Knut Hamsun describes a strenuous walk to post a letter to Nørholm. The route he took is today a way-marked path, and is easy to follow without guide.

Hamsun’s footpaths: "Edens have" (the Garden of Eden) - from old Grimstad hospital (Frivoldveien 24) to Edens have, Dømmesmoen – Knut Hamsun was in custody at Grimstad hospital in 1945. He was allowed to go for walks in the area nearby, and one of these led to "Edens have" - a summer residence belonging to Morten Smith Petersen.  The building burned down in ???, but Hamsun's route is way-marked.

Old Grimstad hospital, Frivoldveien 24 – When he was arrested in June 1945, Knut Hamsun was detained at old Grimstad hospital. He stayed there until September 1945, and was then transferred to a nursery home in Landvik. His time at the hospital is described in the book "On Overgrown Paths".

Nørholm farm, Nørholmkilen – the Hamsun family's home in Grimstad from 1918 (Eide Municipality prior to 1971). In the garden at Nørholm, by Hamsun's grave, is a bust of Knut Hamsun made by Wilhelm Rasmussen. The farm is still owned by the family and is not open to visitors.

Dikterstuen (the writer's cottage), Nørholm –  Knut Hamsun had his own writer's cottage built at the farm in 1922. Not open to the public.

Trolldalen picnic area, E 18 direction west – stone wall marking the boundary for Nørholm prior to the new E18 route.

Eide churchyard by Eide Church (1795), Fossdalsveien 2 – where Tore Hamsun (1912-1995) and Ellinor Hamsun (1915-1987) are buried.

The cave by Store Luetjenn, route 404/Opplandsveien – unveiled by Landvik historielag in 2009. Described in "On Overgrown Paths", 1949.