Welcome to the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture

The park at Dømmesmoen creates a beautiful frame for the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture. Among its collections are shrubs and trees, roses, perennials and Ibsen's herb garden. The pond and the large, hollow "Dømmesmoen Oak" are two of its key features.

Indoors are collections focusing on the town's horticultural heritage, such as interior from Grimstadfrø, wine production at Fuhr and Grimstad's canned food industry, as well as an exhibition showing the ecological interaction between nature, bees and people.

At the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture, the season starts with the traditional Spring Market on Sunday 21 May, and every Sunday thereafter the delicious smell of waffles invites to a stop at the museum café.  A walk in the park is highly recommended. There are numerous places of interest, such as Ibsen's herb garden - or the Dømmesmoen Tower for the more adventurous.

Nothing is more beautiful than the park at Dømmesmoen in summer. We recommend a walk in the park, followed by a refreshing smoothie at the museum. The museum is open daily during the school summer holidays. 

Welcome to the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture!