Fruit collections

Clonal fruit collection

Fruit types have been collected in the Nordic region for the last 25 years. In collaboration with museums, rural museums, schools and other institutions, the Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre has established 11 clonal archives with over 400 varieties of our four fruit types, mostly apples. The aim is at least two trees of each type at minimum two locations in the country, to ensure a back-up.

Of the different varieties are 275 apples, 50 pears, 50 plums and 25 cherries. Information on where the different types are located can be found at the website of the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute.

The collection at the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture is located next to the barn at Dømmesmoen, and comprises over 50 types. It was started in 2002, and the most recent additions were planted in autumn 2012. The trees are labelled with name.

Clonal rhubarb collection

Some 300 rhubarb species have been preserved in the Nordic region, of which we have we have approx. 70 in Norway. In autumn 2012, the museum planted some 30 rhubarb species at Dømmesmoen, and more are planned for 2014.Several of the species have been checked for citric and oxalic acid content. All plants are marked with name labels on tall posts.