Primary and secondary school

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The Norwegian Museum of Horticulture

School visits to the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture are free of charge for all children in primary and secondary education.

Year 1-10

A visit to the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture provides an insight into exciting topics relating to the history of horticulture. After an introduction to the museum and the Dømmesmoen area, pupils have the opportunity to explore the museum's three exhibitions "A redcurrant and rhubarb story", "Bees and Flowers - the ecological interplay" and "In jar, glass, can and bottle" on their own.
The program is adapted to suit the various age groups.

Duration: 45 minutes


Year 5-7

Edible flowers and greenery

Plants have always been used as food, but also for skin treatment, in medicine and poison and as clothing material. In times of hardship, people were incredibly inventive in their use of various plants as replacement for foodstuffs.

Pupils are shown pictures of plants to look for, and together with the museum guide they will collect edible varieties in the park at Dømmesmoen. The plants are then used to cook food.

Pupils will also visit Ibsen's herb garden; a collection of plants commonly used for medicine in Grimstad in the 1800s. The reference is Latin plant names marked on pots and drawers at the Ibsen Museum in Grimstad, where Henrik Ibsen was an apothecary's apprentice from 1847-1850.

Duration: 2 hours


The "Apple Hunt" is a program aimed at schools, and has been developed by the Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre.  It is available online, and schools are strongly recommended to try the program. We would welcome your feedback, and please use the museum as a resource.

Colleges / Upper Secondary

For college/upper secondary students, we offer five different town walks, two park visits and guided tours of our three museums. When visiting as a group, a 50% student discount will apply. Bookings are made through Grimstad Tourist Office on telephone + 47 37 25 01 68 or e-mail: turistkontoret [at] Web:

Themed park visit: HORTICULTURE

A walk through parts of the beautiful garden complex at Dømmesmoen, with its roses, pond, oak tree, the old school building "Gamlebygget", perennials and Ibsen's herb garden. The park visit also includes a presentation inside the museum, where the students can explore the collections. Read more.


A walk through parts of the beautiful garden complex at Dømmesmoen, with focus on edible plants. After the walk, a slide show will be held inside the museum where students are shown other edible flowers and plants and tips on how they can be used in cooking. Read more.

GUIDED MUSEUM VISITS - The Norwegian Museum of Horticulture

During their visit to the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture, the students will be given a talk on Dømmesmoen and the museum. Afterwards, they can explore the exhibitions on their own. Read more.